Peace Auction Begins 07/14/2019  this day 4 years ago, Emma Left this World. I love you so much Emma

Celestial.Live included with Angel Promo @111K
em-powering Domains 4 sale

Gigis Domains: Domain Auctions with a Cause...

Connecting the World One gTld at a time

Dedicated to Emma: (Why :)

*Angel PROMO These 6 domains for 111k

Rock and Rollers, This one is four you! is for Sale. 

See the full list of Rock and Roll Domain names for sale... #gtld

The Story is beginning... #followgigi

*Angel PROMO - If one domain from this package is sold alone the Angel Promo will end :( are you my Angel Warrior?

The Domain Industry is on Fire - Virtual Real Estate - Gtld vs TLD

Change your life, Change your outlook, Change the world... It is time to WAKE UP

The Peace Auction Continues until there is more PEACE... Don't worry we can fix some of this... Are you willing to figure out how. Your soul is searching...

The Universe Speaks and Gigi has been listening

Domain names for me help to create stories, some fact and some fiction, and you will just have to assume the meanings until  you start building the puzzle by finding the missing pieces.  One Woman's mission of Redemption and showing others a self actualized positive way to view our world today. Its up to us ... Foresee the Future... Make a difference!



The Peace.Auction is a mini version of the Novel that will be in Gods.Auction on 11/11/2019 with over 6000 Premium nTLD = gTLDomains I will soon show you.. During my search I started to unknowingly find Some very awesome, high-value Domains. I searched thousands and thousands of words to maybe find 40% is what you see. (plus 40% of Whispers) It took me about 30 days (most collected in 2 weeks, I was having lots of fun learning and just blowing smoke, until about day 11 -  #followgigi  to live the rest… will one day be written by me or us… 111k  for the domain and whomever buys it GETS… 50/50 for all proceeds raised  in publishing this amazing story in 2020 

My life contemplated without a mission: (Death??? Denial??? Disaster??? or Domains) I have a very odd sense of humor - u may get used to it. 

I can really only explain this to you. I know when I am on the right path and I know when I am not.... (Then I wait) It's a Crazy, incredible ride when you are present (with yourself), and I will try show you how, or at least let you join this extraordinary journey of awakenings.. 

I will share my spiritual journeys through Egypt where I found myself and plugged into the Universe. You can too. YOU JUST NEED TO ASK and when you do, you ask with your heart and not your head. Sounds easy but very, very difficult with all we face in the world today. We are blinded and some of you who understand this knows that the next step is too ......???

Domain Auctions With a Cause

Peace Love and Hugs

Do Something with No Expectations in Return

Listen to my Wise Warriors list to begin contemplating the Universe and the ? WHY Am I HERE? I have done some of the work for you.

GODS.Auction A Hellish Domain Sale Heaven Vs. Hell

Gigi is in Search of  a Volunteer to create a killer Auction website. 5k to you after Auction.

No webmaster needed after initial introduction... I also need an SEO ninja

Participating Auction Houses All links will be updated Prior to Auction


Premium Domain Highlights Coming Soon! Gigi's always creating something... SLOWLY.....

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Domains for every lifestyle and career

Emma's photo of an Eagle and Emma as a model from a fellow photographer.


Real Estate, Events, Social, Small Business

Emma Foley: Editor and Inspiring Journalist. Sacramento City College Endowed Scholarship Photography



Cant you hear the Angels Whispering to you?... maybe yelling?.. Listen...

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Peace Auction Sales will go to to do our part in this world today. Thank you Universe for all your guidance.