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Spreading awareness and  hope  through Domain Names Connecting the World One Message at a time...  Premium domains w/value up to $5,000+, I will have an assortment of these listed at a very low buy now price... Also!! some fun giveaways and extras. 

!!!! LOTS OF 99.00 TO 599.00 BUY NOW's !!! For Charity-For Life... Peace !!!!

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The Domain Industry is on Fire - Virtual Real Estate - Gtld vs TLD

Change your life, Change your outlook, Change the world... It is time to WAKE UP

The Peace Auction will begin on July 14, 2019

Peace Auction

The Universe Speaks and Gigi has been listening

Domain names for me help to create stories, some fact and some fiction, and you will just have to assume the meanings until  you start building the puzzle by finding the missing pieces.  One Woman's mission of Redemption and showing others a self actualized positive way to view our world today. Its up to us ... Foresee the Future... Make a difference

The Peace.Auction is a mini version of the Novel that will be in Gods.Auction on 11/11/2019 with over 6000  Premium Domains. I will soon show you..  During my search I started to unknowingly find Some very awesome, high value Domains.  I searched thousands and thousands of words to maybe find 40% is what you see. It took me about 30 days (mostly collected in 2 weeks, I was having lots of fun learning and  just blowing smoke, until  about day 11) Now I needed to shut my brain  whispers off, who knew how to speak very loudly now, I was kind of ill knowing I had so much work to do, and I just spent a whole shit ton of money (I am as frugal as you can imagine and I hate gambling, but I knew.... )

But considering my circumstances of the future it was either live  (on Social Security???) (keep your promise) or just slowly die (of boredom and self remorse and spend every last dime I have on eating and surviving ) -though I would live in Thailand to eat organically and live back on the beach, watching sun rises and sunsets for about $800.00 total per month: includes: Rent, electric bill, moto scooter, food and fun (that's another story coming soon, as I did this a couple years back, and I will return to this lifestyle again when all is said and done).  like many Americans do when they retire. (of course I stock up on Art supplies (Oil Paint) with my funds. I will create forever until I leave this earth. This is my happy, spiritual place. die. (this is another story)  I had to figure out exactly what it was that I had just done. OH Dear! I had to market again, learn how to be CEO of my company... (Well its like someone just handed me a years worth of work for 2 people the keys to the entire company. The funny thing is ,is that all I really knew, is how to  file. Like I mentioned, FEAR is not an option. It has taken me a couple of months to do it and I am.  Well I have been addressed every step of the the way until this point and I am still standing.  The only way I can really explain this to you is that I know when I am on the right path and I know when I am not.... (Then I wait) It's a Crazy, incredible ride when you are present (with yourself), and I will show you how. 

It was as spiritual as my journeys through Egypt where I found myself and plugged into the Universe. You can too. YOU JUST NEED TO ASK and when you do, you ask with your heart and not your head. Sounds easy but very, very difficult with all we face in the world today. We are blinded and some of you who understand this knows that the next step is too .....???

I found that Domain names are like pieces of Virtual Real Estate and I went shopping for the world


This event is Gigi’s Kick off Domain Charity Auction, Celebrating the life of Emma Foley, one of the most beautiful Angels in Heaven,  Gods Muse. . We will be on a mission to raise money for Charity to fund Emmasway. will help others and multiple causes Nationwide. The more we make the more we can help. Emma Wanted to save the world, loved everyone, and was determined to teach the world how to love. This is my kept Promise to Em and to You. 

Every name is blessed and chosen just for you. Bids over 1000.00 can be claimed as a donation and recognized by Emmasway as A Silent Soldier. (more to come soon) (My heart skipped a beat when I created this name), as with most of my names  I will try to give others the chance to create the company before I do. As I have enough work for the rest of my life now. (My Reading said I was gonna be around until my 90's so I figured I better make some investments to continue eating and breathing) 

I see  as a sanctuary for all victims of War and if you do too, I will give up this name for you. (though it will cost more then 29.99 :) GTL.Domains is available 

for the right price. This will be a high dollar powerhouse very soon.  Can you bid high enough to keep me from creating this company??? Bring it own as  I would love to work on a beach somewhere in Peace. Sounds awesome!!! (Just food , beach sunrise and drink is all I ask!)

Go Daddy had a Sale and Gigi went Shopping with  lots of ideas. I had been searching for an opportunity and this came to me unexpectedly. I did know how to buy a Domain, and do a bit of Marketing.   I am learning and I can teach. You can do anything your really, REALLY want. Think like a child and see and do  the dream.

I expect nothing in return for my efforts. This is my promise.

Domain Names can be considered as a Virtual, piece of Real Estate. Simply stated, like Residential and Commercial Real Estate, Domain names gain value when lived in. Of course, new neighborhoods are built, and nurtured, (just as your business starts and grows and more people visit your website (called Traffic)), and before you know it, those investments have grown substantially. (the funny thing is, is that one day your domain name might be worth more than your actual business.) Really! Well. I guess then you can retire on selling your domain name... (Ex: sale. key word went up 3k in 1 month. no Sheeeeeet-I have several) (You are responsible to Pay Renewal Fees Each year to keep your Domain Name - check with your registrar (like Godaddy)  to confirm fees.)

I will try and hold onto 10 key domain names for my retirement when all is said and done. I can't even imagine how much they will be worth in 10 years... Look what happened to the .coms through the 90s when people really did not shop online at all. Million dollar domains were made overnight. Walk-in stores will soon be hard to find as everyone, pretty much does most everything, online: Dating, shopping, cooking, running, events, theater, work, and the list goes on and on. Will you be ready to continue your journey with the newest age of Internet careers, employment, your brand, and Social Networking. I handpicked my names from ideas and visions, and many times they just appeared as a recommendation. My skills in teaching online made me very fast online and it works in my favor for buying. Not jokin! So enough of me, to Help you with the first, and for some, the hardest step. (Your Domain Destiny- your calling). No longer do you have to see that your desired name is sold or costs as much as a new car,. or maybe you just don’t even know where to begin looking.

THE WORD IS OUT, as I strive to Connect the World One Message at a Time... Here’s your chance to get the Gold before the investor does., Those .coms they love are in short supply... Also, many of them don't make a whole lot of sense for the normal person. Example: for a motorcycle shop bought because the porn site who had it before gained lots of traffic. (ya think) The site looks good for hits on paper and sells for 5k but does diddly squat for the motorcycle shop because the Customers may not find motocross as appealing as the porn site they were expecting. So really it's up to Moto Mike.. (I have that domain too). To build his own traffic... (understand?) Hmm. I extended the numbers so I did not list someone’s 4 digit number site. Another way people can buy is to just buy the entire online business (unknown exactly what is included besides the name and videos)... So let's say Moto Mike just buys the Porn site outright including all its goodies, He plans to use his motorcycles for props instead for the videos he is unsure of how to make. Well, how many people does he have to hire to run that site? Hmm. After a couple of months, Moto Mike agrees that Porn is not really that much fun anymore from the other side. These are silly analogies but can you start to see the ideas. GTLdomain (Generic Top Level Domain) names will be the new level of .com name. They are beautiful to look at in all marketing campaigns, Video, TV, and Apps. Huge Target Audience Potential. GTLDs have awesome keyword exposer...

Many people like you and me don't even know that these Domains exist. I came into the business with .live in mind...These will be huge as everyone has something to do, say, share, love online. Everyone wants to be live. I will try a live auction. Lol.. Uhhh .. Lifes a journey right. Keep trying, keep failing, sweet is sweeter when the sour sucks. Lol great motto but it takes a bit to get used to cameras. I taught English online for a couple of years so I have some practice. It seems intimidating at first but after a few rounds, you will get it. Find your Niche...I found a secret in buying but I can't tell you that yet. But .lives, when they came out, were hundreds and hundreds of dollars just to register. Some people are still paying up to 899.00 to register their .live name. (I did not buy any of those) Ughh this makes me a bit sick knowing that I will pay no more the 20.00 to register mine in the coming years. I have about 3000 .lives alone. They are my favorite GTLdomain and they were my inspiration. A great example of Primo GTLdomain is ( Online.Casino Sold a couple of years ago for over 200k I believe.) For Me, I just happened to be buying when many new domains were released and I got em (I got lots of them) I Tested about 50 cover webpages (see,, ) added to the domain to see how fast they indexed in Google. (All were brand new meaning one has ever seen, indexed or used them prior) I put a Free cover page from GoDaddy, submitted to a FREE SEO online, and some, just within hours had been indexed and moved to the first page of Google for the key specific words. Google loves New GTLDomains. So my advice to you is, if you see your Destiny Domain Name, “Get it,” before someone else does. Please know that I am not an expert on SEO, nor web design, but this is just how I do research on my own. It's changed a bit since I did my marketing in Real Estate (12 years) but once you figure out the new Google tools it seems easier and more controlled. In all fairness, I may be a bit intuitive as well, as you are too. Do you feel those butterflies in your belly and brain? Then climb aboard Gigi's Crazy Train. Here are my links to my Auctions... The Peace Auction will not be updated until Auction time. You can make offers for these domains prior to the auction as long as the offer is over 5k.  I will list the higher Premium Domains first in the Peace Auction and all 29.99 listings will be updated within 48 hours prior to the start of the auction.... The investors can focus on the higher values and you can get what you want! Fear is not an option for me so “Let's go for an adventure”. The domains listed range in low to very high values. Most of the domains will start at a bidding price of 29.99 on 07/14/2019:). The more people buy, build pages and index the names, the more valuable everyone’s domains become. I started a real website that I will be using (still working on it) I listed relevant information on one of my site with my popular keywords and unexpectedly, within two weeks its value went from 2300 to 3700. Its really quite easy and am excited. You can do this yourself or hire a professional web and Seo person to do it for you. I can’t wait to show you and sell you your new VR Realestate at the Peace.Auction. (lol-Sound like a great GTLdomain to buy VR.Realestate or Virtual.RealEstate (yes, these are real GTLdomain Names. ) I have many more Real Estate names and thousands of business domain names coming up in 11/11/2019.   

TO Begin my Story:  First of all, I am not crazy. But that might be a great source of marketing publicity. lol... I wrote a couple of books out of Domain Names. Expression of Free Speech is pretty rare these days so I definitely am taking advantage of stating some taboo subjects that people even dare to talk about in private. No Joke. Some fiction, some non-fiction, some real and some not. You will have fun reading the names. Start On the left and move down each column. People are waking up and we want to hear what you have learned. I have collected almost 9000 names in about 30 days. There is a very spiritual story that goes with this as well, but I am not quite ready to share that yet. Just know that if anyone gets offended I do apologize. This is an open book as I have something for everyone. The messages will mean different things to different people and I feel blessed to maybe change some lives. I went shopping for the world and you're invited to the Sale. Some of the words were spelled wrong because I either moved too fast or I did not have my glasses on. Some are spelt wrong on purpose as oddly enough some of these can be more valuable than the actual word due to SEO abuse I guess. I had so many names it took me 2 months to finally see what I had. I left so many Domains (.coms, .orgs, .net, .info, .biz) on the table with my made-up words and whispers - but I left them for you to find. Plus I didn’t have any money left. Lol .. Yes, I made lots of mistakes and it took 11 days of buying before I really understood what was of real value. So use my words to dream, change, rejoice, love, pray, shop, blog, publish, fight for freedoms, cry, sing, laugh, work, boast or just state who you are. and why. Last but not least your brand, whom do you want to be online, and or whom do you want to help. (more important these days) Hopeful I can help you step out of the Matrix like I did almost 4 years ago, or at least think and dream about it before tragedy kicks you out of the matrix forcefully, like what happened to me with the death of my sweet Em... I have traveled to many places and we have so much work to do. We are in trouble everywhere...

Change your perspective and you change your life. There is so much help online to help you learn to this. We waste our precious lives working at some shit ass job and clogging our minds, bodies, and souls with what is NOT important, and our life’s mission becomes extinguished. Believe ME, I do not want to come back a thousand years later in a new and scarier world without simple necessities: maybe clean water, only chemically grown and modified food, (because all soil is contaminated), natures life-saving herbs have been taken away from the FDA stating some insane remark because they couldn't take the profit on the sale and so on..(We face all these issues today and it is up to us to teach our Children to take care of OUR mistakes) SO! Take a journey. Begin again. (WE ARE THE TEACHERS) What's the worse that can happen. Peace within? One message can change a life. (living your life every day in the Present. Hmm what a concept) DO IT! These are messages sent from heaven. These domains are my way of getting messages to millions. For me, this is my calling.  I am open to all conversation about anything and anyone's opinion. Bring it on. Life is a journey for all to take part in. What are you waiting for... Contact me please if you do not understand how to bid and I will help you out. Further instructions will follow prior to Auction. Don’t worry, “You got this”.  Peace Out  

Disclaimer #1 Just know that Gigi is paying $15.00 min up to 20% to sell you each domain to you. Meaning if you pay 30.00 and GigisDomains makes 15.00 on Afternic and GoDaddy.. (Renewals are automatically extended to the buyer free of charge until the new renewl in 2020 ) You could have a renewal fee early if you choose another registrar (please verify with your new registrar.) I will also post domains on Sedo as well. They have a min of 15% and no extra 15.00 fee until Dec, 31st. (that is so awesome). So the same 30.00 sale at Sedo would make 25.50  After all “if you build it they will come” and you are here! I just want you to be comfortable and most people are very comfy working with GoDaddy. I am in training and I am teaching you at the same time. That extra $11.50 x 1000 can now make a difference. You will responsible for taxes and fees on each Domain.

I will have both options available for you to choose with instructions. Alls I ask is that you pass the word to others about our auctions , especially the big, big - Gods.Auction 11/11 2019 with over 6000 domains. WHOOHOO Beginning January 2020 I will convert the Penny.Zone to a super, Awesome Penny Domain auction. Domains that do not sell will have a final go here. It will be in a bit insane but so much fun. Check it out.

Disclaimer #2 Please note that some of the Domain names could be trademarked so please do your due diligence on how you may use them. The Registrars just hand them out like candy (many will only be 4 lookies and NFS). I have many speakers and Artists who I will be calling out and honoring in Gods.Auction on 11/11/2019. Such as DavidBowie.RIP, but that Domain will not be $29.99 - try $29,999! (100% of celeb Domains go to Charity)   Peace, Luv and Hugs... Gigi  I blabber out loud and have nothing to hide. I am not politically correct and "yes", I can, and love to swear like a sailor. Enjoy life everyday like it may be your last. Some of theses domains are available now at auction (all updates will be posted prior to auction) Have fun bidding and help another today. Domains for Sale can be found @ , , ,  

I will add 5 primo, primo Domains Auction Day. Carpe Diem Gigi

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